EMC Software Engineer in Shanghai, China

Job Description:


Develops software solutions for external clients based on detailed specifications from technology/systems consultants. Responsible for the design, development, testing, documentation and analysis of modules or features of new or upgraded software systems and products. Develops and/or executes implementation according to project plans and priorities. SW Engineers may develop a range of products including device drivers, patches, operating system modifications, EDI routines, etc. Plans, designs, develops and tests software systems or applications for software enhancements and new products.


  • Provides technical expertise by independently determining and developing approaches to solutions for a moderate range of complex software engineering problems.

  • Uses judgment and creativity and sound technical knowledge to obtain and recommend solutions.

  • Applies software engineering methods or processes, re-evaluates existing processes; designs simulation and test criteria and verifies functionality and performance.

  • May be responsible for developing and executing project plans.

  • Provides documentation of work and results; reviews projects against goals and provides status reports.

  • Works on the overall design and development of new ideas and products, and develops project plans.

  • Represents the organization on project teams and may perform technical project leadership roles; contributes to the development and achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

  • Sphere of influence may extend outside of work group or department.

  • Understands and adheres to cost/delivery/quality targets established during the program design phase.


  • Possesses strong product/technology/industry knowledge.

  • Knowledge of appropriate development languages.

  • Problem solving skills.

  • General knowledge and application of engineering concepts.

  • Communication skills.

  • Ability to analyze information and draw accurate conclusions.

  • Time management skills.

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Engineering - Software


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China - Shanghai